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Now our valued and esteemed 550 access members will enjoy the benefits to sign up with our NEW High speed internet! For more information call us at (713) 338-2600
Get High Speed Dialup or 56K Dialup Internet Service from 550Access
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Nationwide Unlimited Access *
1 Email - 5MB,
No Popups or banner ads
Free Antivirus protection
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Free Online Support
Free Software
Sign Up Now - Regular Dial Up
Sign Up Now - High Speed Dial Up
Nationwide Unlimited Access *
2 Emails - 10MB,
POP access & Web-Based
No Popups or banner ads
Free Antivirus protection
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Free Phone & Online Support
Free Software
Proactive Support
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550Access is the only ISP in industry to offer
Proactive Support
 Sign Up Now to 550Access Dialup Internet Service & Get
 Nationwide Access Numbers
 Free E-mail Accounts
 Phone Support & Free Online Technical Support
 Free Virus Protection
 No Popup's and Banner Ads
 V.90/ V.92 Compatible
 Compatible with all Instant Messaging Programs

What is Proactive Support?

As a 550Access Customer you will get our unique Proactive Support. 550Accces is the only ISP to offer this service that ensures a trouble free experience for our customers. If any of our customers are unable to connect to our service, then in most cases, we get an automatic alert via our Proactive Support system. We call you back during our support hours to help you resolve your problem. With Proactive Support you do not need to call us. For most common issues, we will know you are having trouble and we will take care of you.

550 Access is an internet service provider and offers cheap internet access via local access numbers all over US. The customers get a reliable dialup service at a very low cost of almost half the price of Netzero and one-fourth the price of AOL. Customers of 550Access internet access service get a choice of two dialup plans.

550Access High speed dialup Internet service gives a low priced internet access with upto 5 times faster connection speeds on a standard dialup connection and even incorporates pop up blocking. The high speed dialup internet service is very easy to set up and the plan includes 2 web mail accounts.

550Access Regular 56k dialup Internet service gives the best priced reliable internet access and includes 1 web mail account.

Apart from web mail, 550Access internet access service also includes free online technical support, nationwide access, antivirus for emails, and compatibility with popular instant messaging programs offered on AOL, MSN and Yahoo.

When compared to other internet service providers, 550Access comes across as the best internet access option for dialup customers. 550Access also offers free software to enhance the experience of dialup customers’ and these include free toolbar, free deskbar, dialer and browser.

"Bargain Champ"
"Reliable Connections"
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"Highly Recommended"
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