550 Access - Cheap Internet Providers
High Speed Dial-up
High Speed Dial-up


  Includes Pop-up Blocker

  Automatic free updates

  No contracts or cancellation fee

  No additional hardware

  Customizable settings

  Save Money

550 Access High Speed is the cheapest solution for nationwide high-speed internet that is available today. We are much lower priced not only when compared to DSL, Cable, Broadband, etc. but also when compared to other High Speed Dial up ISPs.

  Save Time

With High Speed Dial up, you can get the same information in much less time as compared to regular dial up. This saves you from a lot of frustration since you no longer have to wait for indefinite lengths of time waiting for pages to download.

  Available anywhere there is a phone line

Unlike options such as DSL, Cable, etc. which are available only in select places, 550 Access High Speed Dial up is available nationwide. If you have a phone connection, there is a high probability that you can get 500 Access High Speed Dial up. In case of broadband solutions, the probability is much less.

  No extra hardware or complex setup required

The graphics, images, web pages etc. that have been previously viewed by you are retained by the Accelerator and are quickly delivered to you whenever required. Therefore longer you use the High speed Dial up, faster will be the speed of page downloads.

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Sign Up

300 hrs of monthly internet access
Nationwide Access Numbers
2 E-mail accounts, POPAccess & Web-Based
Free Online Technical support
Free Spam Protection
No Popup's and Banner Ads
V.90/ V.92 Compatible
Compatible with all Instant Messaging Programs

Supported OS
All Windows Desktop Systems - 95, 98, Millenium, NT, 2000, XP & Mac
NOT compatible with Linux

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